Top Five Home Makeover/Renovation Reality Shows

This list is of top home make over / renovation reality shows is authoritative and final.  That is to say, as authoritative and final as any list posted by a blogger on the internet.  It was compiled after some 20 years of me watching TV, then taking ten minutes to figure out if Fixer Upper is really better than The Vanilla Ice Project.   Spoiler - it is, but only a little.    

5) Property Brothers  - A Canadian import that airs on HGTV in the United States. The show features actors turned real estate investors Johnathan and Drew Scott who help home buyers to purchase and renovate "fixer-uppers."  The show's story arc usually include the inevitable "Oops, we discovered this very expensive problem"  as the brothers help  help families find, buy, and transform fixer-uppers into dream homes on a budget.

4) First Time Flipper - This is the DIY network show to watch peeking over a blanket.  Prospective flippers document the trials and hardships of their very first housing renovation projects, but typically (somehow) come out on top.  

3) The Vanilla Ice Project  - What does a one hit wonder do for a second act?  He renovates houses in Florida.   The Vanilla Ice Project is an unlikely hit from 1980's rapper Rob Van Winkle a.k.a. Vanilla Ice who brings exuberance and an outside the lines design atheistic to flipping distressed properties in Florida.  The finished houses are not my cup of tea, but I love watching the transformation unfold.   

2) Fixer Upper is the current ratings champ in this segment for good reason.  In this Texas based HGTV series Chip and Joanna Gaines work with clients on buying and remodeling homes.  Joanna designs it while Chip is the lead contractor, but it is their on camera chemistry which carries the action. Joanna is warm engaging, while Chip is warm, engaging and goofy.  I'd say more, but you (America) already know and love this TV show. 

1) Rehab Addict starring Nicole Curtis airs on DIY and HGTV.  This show gets to its #1 spot based on Curtis' strong  preservation and restoration esthetic.   Choosing elbow grease over demolition, she focuses on pre-World War II homes in the "rust belt."   The tranformations are stunning, and frequently rely on a huge helping of practical problem solving to get to the finish line.    

Jason Scott