We want to help you use reclaimed wood to make a stunning accent wall or backsplash.  Moreover, we want to build a stunning workplace and world.  Otherwise, why bother, right?  

We are working on all of these goals simultaneously, by milling reclaimed wood into uniform sized tiles that fit snuggly together, backing each tile with an adhesive strip (which makes installation a breeze) and doing all of that while striving to become the most employee friendly, zero carbon footprint, zero waste business in Delaware (then the world!) 

What does that mean for you?  It means we've solved the problems associated with using reclaimed wood for home improvement and commercial decor projects:

  • that the wood is hard to find decent quantities, and
  • that it is wildly non-uniform in size shape and quality

...And we've solved those problems in a fun sustainable way.  

Take your time looking around and if you want to get a sample, or just chat, drop us a line at jasonscott@reclaimedwoodinteriors.com or using our contact form.